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Flavio Rodrigo Lovatti mi ha inviato dal Brasile questa interessantissima testimonianza su come un ramo dei Lovatti si sia stabilito in Brasile fin dal 1888.



Flavio Rodrigo Lovatti 



Luigi Lovat landed in Brazil, specifically at Espirito Santo state.
He came with his family from "Mareno de Piave, Treviso Veneto Italy" with his wife - Regina Sartori - and his six children, as I describe bellow:

Luigi Lovat - 45 years old;
Regina Sartori (his wife) - 32 years old;
Maria Lovat - 21 years;
Luigia Lovat - 19 years;
Giovanni Lovat - 15 years;
Angelo Lovat - 13 years;
Natale Lovat - 11 years;
Pietro Lovat - 08 years.

They arrived here in Dec 16th 1888 and they went to a city called Anchieta but soon they moved to another city, Iconha, where the received from the government some extra land to live, work and raise their children!
It's an amazing place and it's main economy is moved by agricultural stuff, just like the major part of Espirito Santo state.

All these information are documented on the government immigration service and it's where I found all of it.

Until last week, all the information I had was about my father, my grandfather and my grandfather's dad, Pietro Lovat.
Now I know a little bit more... I could say, a lot more!
Let`s give you a sight about it!!! :)

Pietro's parents, Luigi Lovat and Regina Sartori.

Pietro had children too and one of them was my grandfather, Alfonso Lovatti, which was born in Iconha, also located at Espirito Santo state, in 1920 and after raised he was a medical assistant on the 2nd war.
After that he was a practical dentist on a city called Marechal Floriano, also located on Espirito Santo state.
This is the city where I was born too.

Alfonso was married to Arlete Schneider (she is still alive) and had three children. One of them is my father, Flavio Marcelo.
My grandfather died in Jan 1st 2002.

By the way, Pietro, before die, moved from Iconha with his wife, Genoveva, and they went to Marechal Floriano to live with my grandfather cause they were with financial problems and my grandfather wasn't.
I don't know exactly the dates but they passed away before my dad was born - 1966.

And that's the history!

As you may notice, I'm part of the fifth generation after Luigi landed in Brazil.
I'm 26 years old, fighting to do not let die our history!
People doesn't care about it in these days, but whatever, I do!

I hope I was clear with all these information and I told you, I'm very excited to know more about our family!!!

Oh, of course!!! I couldn't forget to tell you: my grandfather went to Italy in October 1988 to try to find some clues about our family and he unfortunately wasn't successful. I guess now I'm in charge with it =D
Pretty soon I'll be landing in Italy to try the same thing! Hopefully I'll be successful!

Nice, hum? That's pretty amazing to wonder all those thing they had to live with, all those hard times here... the coffee crisis, the 1929 financial crisis, the hope for a better life and so on... pretty interesting, don't you thing?



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