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o Pragmatism and the Definition of the Idea of Disease (2002)


o General Ideas and the Knowability of Essence: Interpretations of Locke's  Theory of  Knowledge (abstract)

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o General Ideas and the Knowability of Essence: Interpretations of Locke's  Theory of  Knowledge     (Oxford, 2004)

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o The Mental and the Normative: a Non-psychological Account   (2005)
(draft; call for comments)

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o Meta-Ethics and Analysis of Language from Wittgenstein to  Deontic Logic Systems   (2006)
          (Analysis and Metaphysics, vol. 6, 2007, pag. 120-135)

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“History of science without philosophy of science is blind … philosophy of science without history of science is empty” 

Norwood Russell Hanson     


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Maurilio Lovatti was born in Brescia (Italy) on June, 2nd 1954. He graduated in Philosophy on February, 24th 1978, from the State University of Milan, with a dissertation on David Hume’s Philosophy of Religion (prof. Enrico Rambaldi, thesis teacher; prof. Mario Dal Pra, “controrelatore”, adviser thesis teacher).
He is married with Pierangela and he has two children: Giulio (1991) and Sofia (1996).
He worked as government official at State Department of Finance from 1979 to 1983.
Maurilio Lovatti was teacher of Literature from 1983 to 1987.
He started teaching Philosophy and History in Liceo (secondary school) since 1988. He taught at “Nicolò Copernico” State Liceo in Brescia from 1990 to 2014. He currently teaches Philosophy and History at Arnaldo State Liceo in Brescia. He is “Cultore della Materia” (Assistant Professor without tenure) in Ethics and History of Philosophy at the Catholic University in Brescia.
Maurilio Lovatti has been studying the Philosophy of 20th Century for the last years, and especially he has written essays on Wittgenstein, Popper, Hare and Railton. Since 1995 he has made researches about John Locke’s thought and in particular about the Essay on Human Understanding. He was a lecturer at Tercentenary John Locke Conference, St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford (2004). In the last years, he has mostly studied Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Medicine, and he was a lecturer at International School of Philosophy and History of Biology and Medicine in Nettuno (Roma, 2001, 2003) and in Sora (Frosinone, 2006).


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