An invitation for Dr. Maurilio Lovatti



Dr. Maurilio Lovatti:


I am Dr.Jamal El-zway, I am from Libya Arab Jamahiriya, and here I am representing the JAMAHIRI THOUGHT ACADEMY as I hold the position of the director of information affairs.
The head of the academy is Dr.Mahdi Emberish who is a noted character in the field of culture, intellect, and philosophy in the arab world.

Along his professional life, Dr. Emberish has occupied many offices in our country. He held the position of the minister of culture, minister of education, and now he is the president of the JAMAHIRI THOUGHT ACADEMY. To take a look on the activities of our academy you can visit the link hereunder. 

Every year, our academy organizes a cultural season where noted libyan and foreign professors, intellectuals, literates, and politicians attend and participate. And recently, we have added a new program to our cultural season of this year and it is making lectures via internet "Exactlv via Skype Program".  We invite noted characters in the field of culture and sciences for contribution by making lectures through it. 

I have read about you and I find the field of your specialty very interesting, so we are very happy to invite you for making a lecture to our academy and that is by internet. As I have mentioned above, these lectures are attended by a bunch of noted professors of various specialties and all lectures are televisionally filmed. 

And we also would love to invite you for visiting our academy here in Libya, meet its figures, members, and make a lecture to its audience.

Your approval and being a part of our cultural season for this year will be a great honor for our Academy.

We hope to hear back from you as soon as possible.
Best regards.

Dr. Jamal El-zway





My answer:

I don't wish to be part in a Academy of a Country, which is ruled by a despot.

Maurilio Lovatti




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